Our Mission: Preserving endangered traditional Egyptian crafts

(Photos taken in our studio in Philadelphia, PA for one of our Kilim pieces in our Egyptian Traditions collection)

Egyptian Traditions USA for handmade decor has a mission to revive handmade Kilim weaving, an art form which is disappearing quickly in Egypt. Our supplier is a workshop in a small town in the Nile Delta named Fowa, historically known for its fine handmade textile artistic production.
The majority of people in Fowa have been doing this and passing it on through generations but in recent years the spread of manufactured rugs as well as the lack of demand in the Egyptian market has made it more difficult for those craftsmen and women to sustain themselves.
In the past few years Kilim and other handcrafted traditional art forms made a come back in interior decor both in Egypt and internationally, you will see pieces of Kilim in most of interior design settings post on Instagram and online magazines.
When we say Kilim, oftentimes people think about old faded vintage rugs, which is the majority of handmade oriental Kilim rugs in the American market, usually from Turkey, Iran, India, and a few central Asian nations.
At Egyptian Traditions, we're offering you a unique opportunity to enjoy a selection of modern brand new Egyptian handmade Kilim rugs which will satisfy your contemporary taste and fit perfectly with your modern home. Through our connection with the artists themselves, we are trying to educate our customers in the United States about how Kilim was traditionally used and how it is an environmentally friendly and durable furnishing option. 

You can support and sustain these crafts by purchasing our fair trade products on our website EgyptianTraditions.com or seeing us in person in Philadelphia at markets and fairs or visiting your location with your piece of choice.