Meet Ahmed, a Traditional Applique Artist in Cairo, Egypt

When you're in the African sun of the Sahara, how can you find respite? Put up a tent!

Traditionally, tents have been utilized in Egyptian culture for hundreds of years for social engagements such as weddings and funerals. Since the 1100s in Cairo, Egypt, tent-makers have decorated tents with intricate applique designs, such as floral designs, Islamic calligraphy, geometric patterns, or scenery. This art form is known in Arabic as Khayameyya, which literally translates as tent-work.

In a quiet corner of old historic Cairo, there is a street with a few artists still carrying on this tradition, practicing the applique craft and designing works for sale. One of these artists is Ahmed, who is shown in the video above designing and making a pillow cushion with a lotus design.

We will God willing have a few of the pillow cases designed by Ahmed available for sale, as we wish to support his business and bring the beauty of khayameya to the US. So please support all of this beautiful tradition by purchasing handmade crafts from Egyptian Traditions!